How To: Draw Creative Caricatures

Caricatures are such a fun style of drawing and illustrating. We’ve written about talented caricature artists many times on Bit Rebels. Just last week, I wrote about the very well done caricature art of Denis Zilber. When I look at caricatures, I have a lot of questions. How does the artist know which features of the person to distort? How do they add that sense of humor? How do they keep the likeness to the original subject yet make it fun and cartoony? I’m not much of an illustrator, and until today, I didn’t have the answers to any of these questions.

Lucky for me, my favorite writer at Wonder How To, Yumi Sakugawa, drew some very simple to understand charts on the topic and presented them in a three part series over the course of the past week. I’ve collected all three of her tutorials and combined them here for your drawing pleasure. Yumi writes, “Before you start drawing caricatures, you must learn how to train your eyes to really observe the details that make a person’s face unique.” I don’t think I’ve ever looked at another person’s face like that. I need to stop writing now so I can go find someone’s face to study. What a new perspective. I like it!

Draw Creative Caricatures Easily

Drawing Fun Caricatures Easily

Drawing Fun Caricatures Easily

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