How To: Draw Your Own Race Track

Customization is great. It allows us the opportunity to make something unique and individual. Everyone can create his or her own. I believe the best part of customization is the option to be creative. I remember when I was a kid, my favorite thing was to play with my paper dolls. When I got tired of the clothes that were available at the shops, I would draw the clothes myself. I had so much fun doing it! Imagine, I could actually draw and color the styles that I wanted my paper doll to wear.

Thanks to technology and the very cool developers of the new toy Doodle Track, you can just draw a line and a toy car will follow. According to Think Geek – All you need is a black marker and the sky is the limit! Draw the track and the race car will follow automagically. With two Doodle-Track Cars, your kiddos can draw tracks for each other or even have races. The Doodle-Track Car is more than just a race set. It’s a craft activity that encourages children to be creative! The toy sells for $14.99.

Here is a video on how it works!