How To: Eat Food From a Road Cone

We draw inspiration from a lot of things when designing the latest and greatest things for our home and living. Some things are just perfectly in line with whatever we all expect to find in a well furnished house. Some things feels as they have been brought into a house just because someone wanted to be original. But, some things I have a huge problem understanding where in the world the inspiration came from, and that is the case with the On The Road Ceramic Breakfast Set.

The design is really cute and quite genius in itself though. The stack of ceramics holds an espresso cup, juice glass, tea cup, cereal bowl and a small plate to put your sandwich on. The odd thing about the On The Road design is really the obvious look of a road cone when stacked upon each other.

The first thing that comes to mind for me is, “Are we having road kill for breakfast…?” But, then the design takes over and I get a quick image of the Russian stackable ladies for some reason. After going through a bunch of different earlier designs I then settle in on the thought that it serves a premium purpose and that bringing these out for friends coming over would certainly spark an interesting conversation.

I still wonder where the designer Pierre Lescop got his inspiration connection from and how he justified that we needed this really fine ceramic set in our homes and on the road. If anyone has any ideas please share them…