How To: Make A Papier Mache Monster

I love anything made with paper, it’s just so versatile. You can create a lot of interesting works of art with paper. For example, you have origami, paper art like cut outs and paper sculptures. Some designers even use paper to create one of a kind paper dresses. I believe @Minervity have written several interesting articles about paper origami, paper dresses, paper shoes, etc… There are so many really interesting things you can do with a piece of paper.

Since paper is made from trees, it is also good to make sure that whenever we use paper, we also find ways to recycle it. I love monsters, the cute kind, so when I saw this video, I thought I would share it with you. The creatures were done via papier mache. Papier-mâché (French for ‘chewed-up paper’, due to its appearance), commonly called paper-mâché, is a construction material that consists of pieces of paper, sometimes reinforced with textiles, stuck together using a wet paste (e.g., glue, starch, or wallpaper adhesive). The crafted object becomes solid when the paste dries.

Papier Mache:
Papier Mache Monster