How to Professionally Retouch a Photo

As a designer we often get the question if we can enhance the photo’s that we sometimes have to add to the “About” section on a new website. The process sometimes seems tedious and unnecessary for us but make all the difference to the client that of course wants to look her/his best on a photo that represents themselves to their clients. It doesn’t have to be that time consuming and certainly not hard to accomplish.

There are several steps and techniques that you can use in order to get the very best result for your clients and each and every one is quite simple. All it takes is a bit of practise and you can then add it to your resume and services that your company can provide. This in turn will make both you and your company much more likely to get new satisfied clients. Take a look at these few clips and take a day to practise these techniques. I am most certain that it will be more then worth your time in both creative freedom for you as well as satisfaction guaranteed for your customers.

Photo Retouch

Teeth Whitening

Blue / Green Eyes Retouch

Brown Eyes Retouch