HOW TO:Create Luscious Lips in Photoshop

We once again hit the self refining tutorials with this “Luscious Lips” tutorial. This one is a technique used by retouchers to enhance the models lips so they look more “sexy” if they don’t have those luscious lips that the contractor of the model is looking for. Just like with the “Virtual Weight Loss” tutorial this is just another one of those cliché tutorials that really pushes the ideal even further from the truth. But, as long as we tend to more often look at models with luscious lips rather then natural these kind of techniques will always be around and refined.

In this tutorial you’ll be taken through the few steps that will make your photos look even more “beautiful”. It’s widely used and leave pretty much no trace that the photo has been retouched if it is used in it’s right proportion. Just like with plastic surgery, the eye and the mind can really tell when something is unnaturally proportioned and off scale. Just that little extra volume to it and it goes off what’s visually normal.

So, when practising this technique try rather to make every enhancement look natural than on the edge of viewable.