How To Write The Core Of Your Explainer Video?

Explaining a concept through theoretical writing and explaining the same through a video is quite different. If you wonder, speaking out in a video is probably the easiest way, it is actually the toughest to write down a catchy script for any detailed explainer videos. If you plan to record one such gripping explanation, here are a few tips on how to make an explainer video.

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Specify Which Topic Or Subject You Are Talking About

Your video should always start with an introduction to the topic, whether it’s a technical topic or a product review. Several times a single title or a core topic might define various terms, which need to be specified before you actually start explaining them.

You don’t have to talk long, but just state which industry, domain, or academic subject you are talking about. You can also take help from professional video developers or go through their stated examples to relate your topic to a broad domain.

Find Easy Terms To Explain Technical And Literal Terms

If you wish to explain any concept, never choose the hard bookish terms to define. Speak freely, using common sentences and practical words, to grasp the audience’s attention quicker.

Say, if you are explaining the growth of blockchain technology, you should describe its workflow and features instead of talking about the backend programming and setup.

Never Read Away From The Bookish Definitions

Explainer videos, especially those defining technical topics or academic concepts, often contain bookish definitions or Wikipedia’s sentences to improvise their tone and script. Though the theoretical terms might seem hi-fi, they never serve the actual purpose of explanation and instead make the video boring.

If you want to concentrate the audience towards the center topic, shoot rhetorical questions to mold their thoughts. Once introduced, you can simply explain the concept in general words. Here, you might also use non-technical terms or public jargon to relate the core ideas perfectly.

State Practical Examples To Relate The Concept

Explainer videos are never complete without demonstrations. Make sure your concept is supported by relatable examples if you aren’t using audio-visuals, but plan to script out everything. For typical concepts like new product specifications, changes in rules and laws, or any academic topics, examples explain better than just definitions.

You should always select practically relatable situations among all the examples instead of explaining hypothetical setups. Say, if you are talking about robots, you can speak about the applications and ease of job due to their help instead of explaining their design and working principles to attract the listeners to the core concept.


An explanatory video often seems like a boring lecture, but yours needn’t be the same as you can highlight your core concept with catchy tricks and tips. Keeping the content short and simple, yet explaining the entire theory, you can implement the factors discussed here to develop an attractive script. If not, you can opt for the easy way to consult a professional video script developer to help you out.

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