Iceman Creates Seriously Cool Ice Sculptures

How does he do that? Michael Stoddart is a talented culinary chef who has risen above the brie and cocktails to stardom in the world of ice sculpture. I didn’t realize they had competitions for ice sculpture until I met Michael a few years ago in my hometown of Lexington, KY. Yes, hee-haw and shoe jokes aside, there are some seriously talented people in our little town. Shhh, don’t tell anyone.

Now, how did Chef Michael go from kitchen tools and culinary fair to the superhero “Iceman” who uses his mad power tool skills with such artful technique and speed? Honestly, even if you have never had an art class in your life, you still have to be in awe of his talent. Take a close look at the grasshopper. This piece, titled “Top of The Blade,” looks dainty, right? It is over 200 lbs! Photos do not do his ice work justice, but they will have to be enough. Sadly, the art melts away and Iceman Michael transforms back to Chef Michael to perfect his culinary art in the kitchen for corporate events, personal parties and the like to enjoy.

I am amazed by the speed component of these competitions. Michael has been practicing and competing for a few years now. He continues to improve his speed while also taking creative risks with such intricate details as featured in his “Flight Under the Sea” piece created during the National Ice Carving Association (NICA) U.S. Nationals hosted at the Titantic Museum Attraction located in Branson, Missouri. Michael Stoddart’s 1st place title helped him earn the industry’s top honor of being named the United States 2012 Professional Champion Ice Sculptor, as awarded by NICA.

grasshopper grass award winning

ship underwater lighted centerpiece

polar bear outdoor ice artistic

Image Credits: [Season’s Ice]