IconicStand: Custom Make Your Own iPhone 4 Stand

If you are anything like me, you are constantly trying to upgrade the futuristic look of your office. Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of browsing and part of an idea of what you are looking for. Usually you will find more than you bargained for and find yourself in a position where the stuff you want is no longer fitting the size of your wallet. However, there are a few things out there that really don’t have to make your entire month smell like noodles. Furthermore, it doesn’t have to be made out of plastic or any other material that you might find a little bit too careless. But then again, pretty much every futuristic movie that we have seen has the glossy material suspiciously looking just like… plastic.

This brilliant idea comes from a man who had a dream as a young boy, but never fulfilled it until he was about to retire. The first puppy to leave the Young-Gun Cho (aka Kenny Cho) brain factory is this IconicStand. It’s a stand for the iPhone 4 which enables you to easily pivot the iPhone in either landscape or portrait viewing mode. The fact that the whole thing is created in birch wood is truly a selling point.

However, the reason why this thing is ultimately interesting is the fact that it comes in several different “icon” designs. In the middle of the stand is a sign or design. If you should find that their already presented designs don’t fancy your perfection, then you are able to get your very own custom design for the “icon” in the middle. Really, you won’t find a more personalized iPhone 4 stand anywhere. Or, so I think. The price is not revealed just yet. They are looking for overseas distributors, so if you’re looking for a product to expand your inventory, well then this could be just the thing.