IKEA Creates 3D Chalk Art In Sydney

I wish we had an IKEA store here in Manila. Whenever I’m traveling, I often drop by whenever I have time. IKEA is a Swedish corporation that designs and sells ready to assemble furniture, accessories and appliances. To date they have around 316 stores in 37 countries. They also publish a catalog annually, which is distributed by mail and is also available to customers in stores. 2011 will mark the catalog’s 60th year, and to kick off the celebration, they decided to have some 3D chalk art fun in Sidney.

I love anamorphic art. It is quite fascinating to look at, and I am always amazed at how the artists are able to capture and play with the shadows and the light that allows a drawing to appear in 3D. It really takes a special skill and an eye to illustrate that special effect. The folks at IKEA designed a space using items in the catalog as pieces in the chalk art. People were able to have their photos taken in the “kitchen.” The 3D artwork was rendered by 3D chalk artists Jenny McCracken and Anton Pulvirenti. I included the video so you can watch for yourself how the brand was able to bring fun and interaction to potential customers.