Illustrations – The Impressive Imagination of Karl Kwasny

Imagination is a wonderful thing. Some have a vivid one and some none at all. Imagination is the one thing that connects people to the continuous technological developments that we see each and every day. Having a vivid imagination isn’t just for being able to crack the next big thing or to think up complex ideas. Imagination is also the only complex function we humans have as kids, everything else needs developing. Imagination is just there and waiting for us to mess around with.

And that is just what artist Karl Kwasny does with his. He uses it in a way that would make most people jealous outside their comfort zone. The use of colors and the range of things he can put into an image are everything but boring and ordinary. The style he uses is almost 3D and watching his work leaves you wondering how he did it. They are so full of things, and I bet you can’t spot what was first drawn in order to fit everything in there.

Most of his designs would work awesomely for a t-shirt, and I wonder if that is what they are for or if it’s just custom artwork for clients that he is creating. Mr. Kwasny is represented by the Jacky Winter Group in Australia which looks like a custom illustrator firm. Check out some of their other artists and illustrators as well. It’s well worth the time.