Infographics – A Cool, Smart Way To Improve Your Content

Thanks to the internet, practically anyone can share their content. It offers an easy way to reach billions of people all over the world and make an impact. However, just because it’s so simple, there are so many people who use the internet for the same purpose, and it’s easy to get swallowed up in an endless sea of content.

That’s why it’s crucial to stand out from the crowd, and the best way to do that is with infographics. This graphic visualization tool grabs people’s attention by presenting them with something that’s easy to understand and looks appealing.

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What Are Infographics?

To put it simply, an infographic is a collection of charts, images, and minimal text, which gives an overview of a topic and is easy to follow and understand. Infographics use creative, engaging, and colorful visuals that capture the attention of the reader.

Venngage is the world’s leading infographic company. They help businesses create beautiful, engaging and informative visuals that tell their story and drive results. Their easy-to-use platform and expert team of designers make it easy for anyone to create stunning visuals without having any designing skills or experience.

Infographics have a rich history, but the first modern infographic was created in 1933, and it showed the map of the London Tube. Over the years, infographics have evolved, and people have realized the power of this data visualization tool. As a result, they have started implementing it in various areas of business.

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Types Of Infographics

Since infographics are widely popular, they are used for many different purposes. That’s why it’s important to distinguish different types of infographics and know what each one is used for. Here are some of the most popular infographics and how they’re used:

  • Data-centric infographics. When you want to focus on essential data and statistics, these types of infographics are your best option. They usually feature data visualizations that were designed to support a common theme. Also, they use a fluid design to convey a message clearly.
  • Timeline infographics. Timeline infographics explain the history of a topic. They are easy to read, displaying events in a singular flow and chronological order, which is easy to follow.
  • “How to” infographics. These types of infographics explain a new topic to the reader and show in simple steps how to complete a specific process.
  • Comparison infographics. Whenever you need to compare two different topics, it’s best to do it side-by-side. With this visual aid, it’s easy to show similarities and differences.
  • Flowchart infographics. If the reader needs a specific question answered, a flowchart will take them through a series of options until they’ve reached an answer.

Why Are Infographics A Strong Marketing Tool?

Infographics are used by many marketers to boost sales and draw attention to their products. Statistics say that 74% of marketers rely on visuals in their marketing campaigns, and 84% of those who have used them consider them to be very effective. So, why is that?

People are more likely to read content if it is presented to them in a visually pleasing way. Humans can process visual data much better than any other type of data. According to research, the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text.

It’s Easy To Repurpose Infographics

A blog post or any other content is a great way to convey information, but infographics are a better tool because they can be shared on various social media. A well-made infographic can stand on its own without any context, visually offering all the information.

They Are Visual Content With The Best Performance

A number of marketers state that visuals are an absolute necessity in their marketing strategy. Different types of visuals are used, such as stock photographs, videos, and slide show presentations. However, most of them say that it is precisely infographics that perform best and drive the most engagement.

They Attract More Attention

Infographics are an essential part of marketing because, with a compelling infographic, you will attract more interest than with only written content. The reason for this is that it’s easy to read and absorb information from an infographic. All of this sounds simple, but it could be rather challenging to implement. If you’re not sure how to go about infographics, it would be best to get some help from an infographics agency.

How Infographics Improve Your Content

As we’ve already established, people would much rather see an interesting infographic that goes along with the content than just simple and plain text. They’re pleasing to the eye and attract attention. But what other benefits would you as a content creator have from infographics?

  • Clarifying the message and simplifying the content. Most people will lose interest when they see a webpage that has lines upon lines of text but no visual content to break the monotony.
  • Pinpointing exactly what’s important. When you’re writing your content, it’s easy to explain why and how something makes sense. With infographics, however, you can highlight the most important aspects without going into too much detail.
  • Increasing traffic. If your infographic is compelling enough, people will click on your links and share them. If they do it often enough, there is even a possibility that your content will go viral.
  • Search engine optimization. If your traffic increases, Google will place your website higher on its “Page Rank” algorithm. This algorithm determines the position search engines will give to your site.
  • Showing a greater understanding of the subject. As a content creator, you must show that you have an expert understanding of what you’re trying to explain to the reader. With a well-made infographic, you can establish yourself as an expert on the subject.

How To Create Good Infographics

It’s not enough to have bold shapes and bright colors to create the perfect infographic. The selling point and what keeps the attention you’ve captured are unique and quality content. This is accomplished with sincere emotion, reliable research, and interesting information. If you want to create an infographic that captures and holds someone’s attention, you need to keep the following things in mind:

  • Choose the correct type of infographic. Before you start creating the perfect visual content, think about the information you’re trying to convey. Incorrect formatting can make an infographic look sloppy and hard to follow.
  • Use a palette of three colors. If you use too many colors, you will easily go overboard. It would be best to use three contrasting colors. Otherwise, you could distract the reader and make it hard for them to focus on the content they should be reading.
  • Keep the text readable and concise. When you’re creating an infographic, ask yourself if the content is brief, to the point, and easy to read. Don’t forget that this should be an abridged version of what you have to say, so the less text you have, the better.
  • Use the right amount of negative space. Negative space gives time to your readers to absorb the information you’ve written. It also helps direct the user’s attention. With correctly positioned negative space, the flow of your infographic will seem natural.
  • Always cite your sources. It’s easy to write anything you like on your infographic, but if you don’t cite your sources, you won’t have any credibility. So, always research and cite your sources, and you will gain your readers’ trust.

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