The Importance Of Slide Show Presentations In Your Marketing Campaign

Every marketing campaign has responsibility. It should deliver crisp content to the client or the customer. It needs to act as a bridge between the company and the potential client. What helps in this process is an excellent slideshow presentation. The importance of slideshow presentations cannot be stressed enough. Here are some reasons why.

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  1. Information simply put– when you’re speaking of a new product, one that the audience is not familiar with, it is essential to put information across in simple, non-jargon filled language.  What better way to do that than with a slide show? With just a few slides, everything about the product becomes easy to follow. This is important in a world dominated by tons of information. It can be nothing short of overwhelming to be bombarded with so much content all the time. With a slide how even the thickest content is put across in a simple format.
  2. Media addition– unlike other campaigns where you may be able to do just one or two things, with a slide show, you can add many elements to the presentation. Think about videos and photographs, audio clips, and contact forms. This addition of various media makes for an attractive way to sell the product. Just a simple addition makes for even more effective information sharing.
  3. The ease of creating a slideshow– a marketing campaign is a lot of work. Do you know what’s NOT a lot of work? To create a slide show. There’s something straightforward about making a slide show, and this means, anyone can do it, virtually anywhere.  You can make use of the many options of free software available in the market — for example, the iconic Microsoft PowerPoint, but also Windows Movie Maker.
  4. The ability to customize– you can do whatever you want to do with a slide show presentation. Change the fonts, the background, the colors, even the style of the bullet points. This ability to play around offers you endless opportunities, to experiment, and to adapt, as and when things change in the campaign. For instance, you want to add new slides? It can be done. Do you want more media? Done.
  5. Additional business– capture forms that act as a pop-up are vital to an organization, and no marketing campaign can be without it. You will need to get a Slideshare Pro account for this. Once you get information, adding the details to an email list and getting in touch with people who watch your presentation online is simple to do. This is great when you send out your campaign via email.
  6. SEO connections– you can embed the SEO right there in your Slideshare presentation. This makes it easier for people to get to wherever you need them to go. An advertising landing space, your website, a call to action page- it’s all possible.
  7. Monitoring information– it becomes easy to monitor information with a slideshow presentation. You can make a note of iterations to figure out what has been added, removed, and updated. This saves you of a lot of work and rework.

Various Other Uses Of Slide Show Presentations Excluding Marketing Campaigns

  • Education– every time there’s a paper to be presented, a seminar to be conducted, a class assignment to be discussed, slide show presentations come to the rescue. For a teacher, the slide show is a great way to break down information in simple ways. What’s more, any tweaks to the presentation can be easily made. The teacher can use it for tests and assignments too. When the teacher goes to seminars and workshops, they can use the slide show to make their point.
  • For students, it’s a great tool to keep all the information in one place. In fact, if they put their notes into slide show presentations, they can study a lot easier. All points of a topic can be neatly organized in a single place, using different slides, and keeping track of information is easy. The slide show presentation is especially useful for the nervous student. If you’re worried about speaking in public, use the presentation deck as checkpoints in your speech. Take a look at the slide, and then you’ll instantly remember what you want to say about it.
  • If the school has an exhibition or an events day, graduation or a parent-teacher meet, the slideshow is an excellent way to give out capsules of information. While people wait, the presentation will keep them occupied. Think about school and college reunions. Nothing like the presentation to keep memories going!
  • It’s not just at institutions of learning- if you’re home and are trying to teach the little ones something, use the presentation to do so. You save on paper and adding information is very easy to do. This is an environmentally safe way to carry education from one generation to the next.
  • Entertainment– a family reunion, a wedding, an anniversary party, a birthday event- for everything, that’s the slide show presentation. Run through a lifetime of memories with the help of this handy tool. You can show a before and after sequence, a series of pictures and even memorabilia in the form of videos and audio clips. It’s all possible. Just a simple photo slide show will be enough to create interest and joy. Games lend themselves beautifully to slide shows. Whether it’s a musical performance or a game of charades, put it all there on the presentation.
  • Prospective Work- the resume is necessary, but the slide show can add an extra element to your work search. Connect it to your online presence, and you have a winner on your hands. Each slide needs to clearly elucidate what your work and education have been like in short, simple sentences. End your presentation with a strong sentence about what you’re looking for. A digital resume, if you will, can help you win opportunities.
  • Online presence– use the slide show presentation to create work opportunities. Put your content on it and host it online, and you have a ready class. Take a look at what’s popular- tons of tutorial videos abound. Think about what you’d be good at teaching, and set about creating content for it. Make it interesting and interactive, and you have a winner on your hands.

How To Use Slide Show Makers For Maximum Impact

A handy tool for all slide show requirements is a slideshow maker. Here are ways to use them for maximum impact.

Microsoft PowerPoint– the best-known player in this category, is this offering that’s part of MS Office. You do need to pay for it, but it’s worth all the money spent.  Some of the simple tricks that you can use are getting to the Quick Access Toolbar. This gives you access to many hidden features, for example, font, alignment, and formatting.

Also, activate hotkeys in the ribbon option. Use the alt button, and you’ll get some cool options. For example, press N to Insert, A for Animation, and W for View, among other many commands. The layouts aren’t great in PowerPoint, though.

That is an issue for sure. But you can still create something good. Open layouts should become your friend, and you can also images to serve as a background for your information. These are some of the many things you can do with Microsoft.

Prezi– if you’ve ever created a slideshow maker, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Prezi. This hugely popular option is a great way to create fun presentations. Where it stands out from the rest of the crowd is that it doesn’t do regular slides like the others. It’s a non-traditional approach to presentation.

What’s more, you can seamlessly integrate it into your other requirements and also keep an eye on how the audience engages with your product and presentation. The free version of Prezi is just right for individual use, but you do need to pay for the business one. Take advantage of the scores of templates at your disposal and make sure you use privacy controls as and when required.

Google Slides– it can’t get simpler than Google Slides. Crowd-funded, completely free and pretty easy to use, Google Slides enables multi-user presentations and gives you many more functional capabilities than just the tools available on Google Drive.

All you need is a Gmail account and Slides stores all the presentations in the Cloud. You can access it from anywhere you want. What’s more, you can add it to Microsoft PowerPoint with no issues at all.

Xtensio-all of this product is aimed towards efficient management of team documents and strategy. What helps this software is Folios. These are documents which convert into slideshows, allowing you to combine document and presentation all in one.

Its process allows every person involved in this exercise to see what’s happening. That means your copywriting team can work on the text, and your marketing team can come up with ideas and the big bosses get a sense of what’s happening from an overall perspective. You can decide the access level of each person involved, and as always, there are a whole lot of pre-made templates to choose from.

Keynote– another good option is this application. It’s an Apple product and works on Apple devices. It is also possible to use it on computers, once you download the app. It comes with some interesting options. Rehearse Mode will help you practice and get your pitch, perfect.

Placeit– You can create great slideshows with Placeit. You have a lot of options to choose from, and you can create really professional slideshows.

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