Installation Art | in your living room

For those of you who love other people’s apartments, but don’t know what to do with your own, this post is for you : )

You don’t need to hire a stylist, decorator or feng-shui guru to come up with a comfortable, art-inspired space. If you are like me and have collected all kinds of art, objects and random things you totally love, we have a good starting point. If you are lacking some good props, visit your local flea-market, art studio tour or coffee shop. You will surely find something cool at these types of places.  Take a look at these pics for inspiration, there are plenty of sources on ffffound and other wonderful inspiration sites. When considering decor in your space, think about mixing colors, textures and styles with an over all aesthetic that fits your style. Remember, its not permanent. And you don’t have to use everything you own. Change it up a bit every few months. It will give you a fresh look and keep your creativity going. Enjoy being creative.