Interior Design | Recycled Shopping Carts

We write a lot about ways to be environmentally conscious on Bit Rebels, but this is a twist I haven’t seen before. Usually when a shopping cart becomes broken and can no longer be used for its original purpose, it gets tossed into a pile of junk to be delivered to a landfill.

Ramon Coronado, a designer from Los Angeles, is known for helping the homeless and creating eco-friendly works of art out of what others might consider trash. He found a way to take a broken shopping cart and turn it into a 3 piece set of furniture that many people would like to display on their deck, porch or even in their sun room. I know I would.

This is a profound example of turning a city’s eyesore and environmental problem into a beautiful piece of art that everyone can enjoy for a long time. I am moved by how this designer is able to turn his creative passion into a statement of hope, kindness and humanity.

Of course, different designers have different styles. Designer Max McMurdo also turns broken shopping carts into furniture. His take on it is a little different, according to his website, he “avoids traditional eco materials in favor of contemporary finishes, fabrics, and above all, style.” Below is an example of his refurbished shopping carts.

This shopping cart below is yet another style. I don’t know who to give credit to for this one, but I think the detailed stained glass work is absolutely beautiful. My mother is a stained glass artist, and I know from watching her that this isn’t easy. I enjoy and appreciate this design a lot.

Thank you to for the wonderful photos of Ramon Coronado’s work.