iPhone Skin Goes Polaroid And Becomes The Ultimate Photo App!

It’s a well known fact that the iPhone sports some rather cool photo apps, and they come downloadable for a very cheap price compared to other cameras and their features. Sure, the stats for the iPhone camera might not be any better, but the ingenious way you can mess around with filters, templates and patterns is just unbeatable. Of course, there are similar applications for Android, Blackberry and other smartphones on the market. However, the iPhone sports a particular popular one. and that one is Hipstamatic. It helps create the most awesome pictures from the photos you take with your phone from images that would otherwise have been quite pale and boring if it wasn’t for the features of Hipstamatic.

But, shooting pictures with the iPhone and the Hipstamatic app doesn’t really give you that photographer feel. After all, it’s just a silly smartphone you’re holding up trying to act like a hot shot photographer. With the new iPhone and its HD capabilities, you get a little bit closer to the real thing, but not much. Something is missing, and that little edge could very well be the iPhone itself. It just doesn’t have the real mojo.

But with this new Polaroid iPhone skin from Infectious (did I just sound like a salesman? urgh!) might prove to be more than just a silly sticker. It will turn your iPhone into a smooth looking image love machine in no time. And the price is a slim $14.99, which is more than fair, don’t you think?