Kampong Cuckoo Clock: The Wackiest Clock In The World

I really can’t say that we’ve had the annoyance of a cuckoo clock in our family history. I guess we’ve never been fond of the fact that it would be a good thing to be scared half to death every hour. Some people obviously like the feeling of hearing their life tick away, and to be reminded that yet another 60 minutes has passed without them investing it properly. Whether you like it or not, time is always going to be rushing by, and it’s up to you to invest it the best way you can. Time is not a rental, so every second you waste is a second lost. That’s why I thought this pretty neat build was worth the time to write about.

It’s a project by Chan Wai Lim of Little Thoughts Group design group. If you thought that cuckoo clock you have at home is nifty and wacky, then you can stop thinking that right now. As far as I know, I have never seen anything quite like this clock before. Not only does it look tremendously geeky, it also has a different sound for every hour. To me, that’s a step in the right direction. Who doesn’t get tired of a cuckoo bird that is constantly tweeting you 24/7?

The clock, named “Kampong Cuckoo Clock,” is a one off piece that comes detailed up to its teeth. Not to call this one EPIC would seriously be a crime if you ask me. The work that went into this wacky thing is beyond comprehension, and even the mechanics are custom made to fit the purpose and the different features. With time, this thing, I am sure, will become a classic and I don’t even dare speculate how much it would cost to buy it. It’s brilliant yet annoying technology. #JustSaying