Latest Innovations And Options In Airless Packaging

Airless packaging isn’t actually restricted to any specific kind of product, any specific retail distribution category or to any specific shape of the container. Consumers all over the world have now accepted airless packaging. These kinds of packages are said to be a premium solution in most marketing segments. Research reveals that the popularity of these packages has actually elevated the expectations of the consumers. Now, it is all about great functionality, appealing aesthetics, and finest ergonomics.

Skin Care Products

Airless packages are most often used in skin care products; as such products need maximum protection from the environment. Air causes a lot of degradation in several active ingredients. Many natural products are packaged in airless packaging since such packages will extend the shelf life of products when the use of preservatives isn’t preferred. Experts have revealed that there is a marked increase in the demand for airless packages, which help in preserving the integrity of different natural formulations.

Airless packaging is now not just restricted to skin care products, but they are widely used in body care categories as well. Now, several designs options are available in this category, which was previously not available. The increase in designs in case of airless packaging has increased the scope of the products and has widened its market like never before.

Types Of Airless Packaging

Lately, airless solutions include lipstick cases, pens, airtight containers, tubes, jars and even food containers. The demand for such airless packages is expected to stay and increase in the long run. The best part is that these packages are now no longer limited to the traditional airless pumps, which we are mostly accustomed to.

Brand marketing companies are also popularly using a variety of airless pumps and bottles, mainly for their immense functionally. There are several products, which do not necessarily require such packaging for its formula, but such kind of packaging is convenient to use and reduces wastage. Today, several brands have started adopting airless bottles, mainly because these bottles have a sleek appearance, they are easy to use and look trendy. Customers love purchasing these products, as they have a great appeal.

Enhanced Features

There are many airless solutions which are available with improved features to take care of sensitive formulations and for natural products. There are many formulations which need greater levels of protection. For all such formulations, in order to maintain their purity and effectiveness, airless packages are used. There are specialized airless dispensing systems which are engineered to ensure compatibility and neutrality with specific formulations.

The specifically designed airless packages are created to work efficiently and deliver at a high suction rate. These airless packages are now said to be great for makeup, exfoliants, and sunscreen. These usually have a glass ball and one spring outside the chamber which assures that the formulation doesn’t get in contact with the metal. Thus, wastage is minimized and the products are easily used.

Special Sealing System

The packages are often available with a special sealing system, which means the product inside will not dry up. This special seal will also help in preventing waste and leakage which means that the formulation will be optimally preserved between the different applications.

A lot of functional and style development is expected in the case of airless packaging with a surge in its demand in the next few days.

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