LEGO Bust: T-800 Terminator Recreated Entirely In LEGO

The killing robots are back in town, or at least it seems so when you have a glance at the box office charts the last couple of years. It’s like we’re fanatically fascinated with zombies and robots or androids. Terminator Salvation once more brought us to the depths of the machines, and it can’t have escaped anyone that it became one of the best grossing movies of all time. Even though the robots of today don’t have artificial intelligence that is up to par with the T-800 model just yet, there is still enormous progress being made in that field. Japan predicts that a great percentage of people will have a robot in their home by 2020, which to me, could be everything from an intelligent vacuum to a fully functioning helping hand at home.

Some people decided not to wait for the robot invasion and instead decided to take matters in their own hands. Flickr user thire5 is one of those people, and he has created one heck of a detailed T-800 Terminator bust entirely out of LEGO. It’s created as a display with a brilliant looking stand and red glowing eyes. The detail is flawless, and you know you are obsessed with Terminator when you start researching its parts comparing it to LEGO to be able to assemble it.

Sure, the thing won’t come after you anytime soon, but the fact that everything looks spot on is reason enough it would be awesome to have one of these in a display case somewhere in your living room. OK, maybe just for Halloween, considering that it might not be very good interior design. But then again, I am a geek.