Live Life and Love Your Passions – Felt Alive Art

We often hear those stories about how times of adversity can, in the process, bring us joy and happiness. This is a perfect example of that!

While Kay Petal was recovering from cancer in 2007, she had a revelation. She realized for the first time how precious life truly is, and she made a decision to start spending time doing things that bring her joy, things that she is passionate about, instead of spending her time on mundane everyday tasks. She decided that for her, that would mean spending time felting.

Fast forward to now… her “Kay Petal’s Felt Alive” dolls are a huge hit. As you can see on her official website, she’s been featured in many magazines and her felted celebrity caricatures are showcased on blogs all over the Internet. Can you name all the celebrities featured below? Thank you Kay, you are a true inspiration!

[Image Source: Amusing Planet]