Losing Lottery Ticket Art – Keep The Dream Alive!

Do you play the lottery? Do you like instant game scratch off tickets? What do you do with your lottery tickets once you find out you didn’t win? You throw them in the garbage bin, right? Think again. There might be something much more fun you could create with those!

This is a very interesting, creative concept. It’s all about using spent dreams to build new dreams, or something like that. Lauren Was and Adam Eckstrom use discarded losing lottery tickets to create the things that people would have liked to buy with their winnings if they had won.

What do most people dream about buying? Apparently the majority of people want dream homes, expensive cars and extravagant vacations. Those things are the staples of their art installations. Get this… they even try to keep the dollar amounts as accurate as possible. For example, they used $39,000 of trashed lottery tickets to create this “dream car” made out of those tickets (the hummer shown below). They’ve also created some stunning pieces like the “What I am” sculpture below.

The detail on some of these things blows my mind. From what I’ve read, the clocks even have second hands. Whoa!! What an interesting tribute to all the “get rich quick” schemes out there. You can learn more about this on the couple’s official website.

[via fastcodesign, yatzer]