Making Of | Common Craft’s “In Plain English” Videos

Their videos have been seen by millions and millions of viewers and have taught the same amount pretty much everything there is to know about…hm…everything. Common Craft is a company that specializes in creating easy to understand videos about current subjects that people don’t really get. It’s kind of like the tutorials “for dummies” but in video form. They usually talk about Internet and Computer related topics but every now and then they throw in a different one like “Saving Money in Plain English” just to throw us off. Or at least that’s what it feels like.

Common Craft have created some 25 videos that has accumulated around 5 million views so far and counting. But, as you watch it do you really catch that it’s done in time lapse? All of it? Do you actually think about that is has taken them hours and hours to pull those little fragments of paper around just so you could understand how Twitter works for example? And that all for free. Well, I thought not. To showcase to you what they are going through to bring you these ever so creative and inspirational videos I have come across a video clip that is truly inspiring. The making of one of the episodes from Common Craft called “Computer Hardware in Plain English”.

Check this video out and you will understand what kind of work it takes to create a couple of minutes worth of “in plain” awesomeness. Oh, by the way…this one is in time lapse as well so it does take even longer than what you see here to create an episode. Just saying.

Making of Episode “Computer Hardware in Plain English”

Original Episode – “Computer Hardware in Plain English”