Mario’s Best Friend Yoshi Is Now A Zombie!

I really like Yoshi. He’s a precious little cutie, so when I saw this zombified version of him, it was a little disturbing to me at first. I found myself feeling like I needed to protect him from the evil people that lurk in the world, especially those that want to turn him into a zombie.

Donald “Kodykoala” Kennedy has been busy lately. Just a few weeks ago, Richard wrote about how he turned Yoshi into an insane mecha toy. I don’t know what it is with Donald and Yoshi, but he’s at it again, and this time, it’s not pretty. According to his flickr, Donald says, “I am exploring my dark side, so I thought zombies would be cool.” Yes, zombies are cool, and the more I type about it; the more this design is starting to grow on me.

What exactly inspired Donald to create Yoshi this way? According to Technabob, he could have been inspired by The Smoker from Left4Dead (they do have similar creepy tongues). Regardless, I no longer want to snuggle up to Mario’s beloved dinosaur friend since he’s all bloody. If you would like to own this unique piece of zombified Yoshi, you can head on over to Ebay where he’s being auctioned off as we speak. At the time I’m writing this, there are 19 bids and the price is up to US $152.50.