Zombified Disney Princesses Will Haunt Your Dreams

Have you ever woken up after a bad dream sweating over the fact that it was all over a Disney character? Chances are kind of slim that you have. I mean, the sugar sweet movies aren’t exactly known for their horror content, and it’s highly unlikely that we will ever see a Disney movie that treads into this area. That doesn’t leave out the whole concept entirely though, especially when Thai artist Witit Karpkraikaew has a word in the whole discussion. Witit took the cozy Disney concept and gave it a horror facelift which will definitely give you nightmares. These zombified Disney princesses will leave no one untouched as they roam the streets of Disney World.

We have published zombified Disney characters before, and they have always left a mark in our imagination. These are highly likely to do the same. With brains on their minds and rotting flesh bodies, you will probably never look at a Disney princess the same way you once did. They are horrifying and have an appetite for the fresh meat on your bones. Witit masterfully inked these pictures into zombified Disney character perfection, and there is no doubt who is who. The details in each one makes them look like real zombies, and they’re quite creepy.

I guess it will be a while before I sit down in front of a Disney movie again without having lingering thoughts of what might enter the door. Disney World is entirely out of the question for a while, I tell you that. Now that I think about it, the chances that someone will have nightmares after watching anything Disney is not so far-fetched after all, especially if these zombified Disney princesses are hot on your tail for a bite of your memory globe.

Zombified Disney Princesses by Witit Karpkreikaew




Via: [Geekologie]