Melt.. Dip.. Share | Design

Melt. Dip. Share.  The KSHOCOLAT Dipping Kit is a great gift for sharing.  Contains a pot of chocolate for melting, marshmallows and honeycomb for dipping and a set of wooden tongs. An indulgent gift for every occasion even just to celebrate Friday night.  I love the concept of the package.  Well thought of, clean in design and very luxurious.  Tthe way this was packaged made it come out as truly indulgent and very inviting.

It’s like a mini fondue kit.  All the ingredients packed in one box.  It even comes with a guide.  So, if you are a guy and would like to hint that you like someone special, I think this would do the trick.  Certainly make a girl’s heart melt. Check out their other products here