Milk Carton Castle: World’s Largest Recycled Sculpture!

Once again, we are going to touch on the subject of being environmentally aware and thinking about what we are doing and how. For example, do you ever think about where all your trash is going once it’s down inside that garbage can outside your house? Or, do you even give a second thought to what happens to it when it reaches its destination? Well these are all thoughts that we do not need to worry our little brains about cause we have full confidence in knowing that whoever picks up our garbage knows exactly what to do with it. And to some extent they really do.

For some people, that isn’t enough, and they took the opportunity to use their old, used trash to create something that would literally put them in the Guinness Book of World Records. It all went down in Granada and Southern Spain in May 2010. It took 5,000 elementary school children to do it.

These awesome troopers collected 50,000 old milk cartons and built something that can only be described as every kid’s dream. They built a full castle that measures 29 metres (95 ft 1in) in length, 14.07 metres (46 ft 1in) in width and 7 metres (22 ft 11in) in height. If this is not the milk cartons wonder of the world, I don’t know what is! It makes me want to be a kid again so I could run around in there like the knight I once was. Those days…