Minecraft Replica Of Westeros Puts Your Dirt Hut To Shame

I like to think I’m pretty good at Minecraft. I can build some pretty impressive stuff, given the time and inclination. What’s more, the stuff I make looks good. It looks cool. But compared to this series of builds by fortunatemend and his crew, it looks like utter crap. This fellow, along with what I presume must have been an entire bloody server, has faithfully recreated the vast majority of Westeros in Minecraft. I can’t even hazard to guess how long this must have taken.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with that term, Westeros is the main continent on which George R. R. Martin’s critically acclaimed Song of Ice and Fire (inspiration for the ridiculously awesome Game of Thrones HBO series) is set. It ain’t your grandpappy’s fantasy series, either. Martin took inspiration from the War of the Roses for much of his low fantasy series, and brilliantly weaved in a large cast of compelling characters (which he has no compunctions about killing off like flies).

But enough fanboying over Martin. We’re here to talk about Minecraft, and how awesome these builds look. My personal favorite is The Wall- but King’s Landing, Winterfell, and Pyke all look ridiculously epic as well. At this point, I honestly want to find the server they made all this stuff on and do a little exploring – the only thing better than drooling over the photos would, after all, be to traipse about Westeros on your own, no?

The fact that the screen shots have been touched up a bit (that, or they’re using some form of HD graphics mod) just makes them look even more epic. I’ve rambled on enough though. You can see the whole gallery below. It gives all us Minecrafters something to aspire to, right? Also, you can find the project page here. It’s a map!

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House Stark's Own Home

Seat of the King

Leaving The Great City

Seat of the Iron Throne

Either Bronzegate or Pyke

Outside Great King's Landing

City in the Riverlands

Orchard in the City

Look at those towers

Built to Staggering Scale

Watchers of the Wall

Lannisters always repay their debs

The Power of Minecraft

Image Credit: [WesterosCraft – Imgur]