The Muppets Redesigned As Dead Muppet Zombies

I know when I wrote about the ammunition specifically designed to kill zombies last week, I said I was getting all zombied out. Since then though, there have been so many bloody cute zombie designs that have come out, and since I love The Muppets, this is one I couldn’t resist sharing with you.

The zombie-loving artists over at Tauntr created these fun Muppets redesigned as dead Muppet zombies. Wow, Miss Piggy looks a lot different here than she did in her Instyle Magazine photo shoot this month. I think the Muppets look great with this zombie look!

I’ll get to meet the Muppets live at a WWE event in Atlanta tomorrow night. I wonder if Miss Piggy will be giving out autographs. If so, you’ll see me standing in line for that! If you are also a Muppet fan like me, check out this Muppet Show Theatre Design. It’s a creation inspired by the Palisades Toy Company, and I wish it was for sale because I would definitely be interested in buying it. It’s fabulous! Thank you Tauntr for these fun illustrations, they definitely put a big smile on my face today.

Kermit The Frog As Zombie

Miss Piggy Redesigned As Zombie

Fozzy The Bear As Zombie

The Muppets Redesigned As Zombies

The Muppets Redesigned As Zombies

The Muppets Redesigned As Zombies