Mordor Nail Polish Artwork Goes Beyond Micro Art

I have no idea how on earth people come up with some of their ideas. The string of thoughts that leads up to some of the artwork we see is just beyond me sometimes, but that’s probably a good thing. A Lego bust of a famous person I can understand, but when it comes to the more odd and sometimes tiny art that we see, I am simply in the dark about how the birthing process works. I am sure there is a clear and straight forward process for how it happens, I am just not connected to that string of thought patterns I think. I am probably confusing the heck out of you right now with all this mumble jumble, right?

What I am talking about is a set of nail polish artwork creations that is just too cool to pass up. As a guy, I don’t use nail polish, which further makes the process a bit… foreign to me. So basically, there you are, thinking you might polish your nails. As usual, girls want to go the extra mile to make sure they have the most awesome set of nail polish on their fingers, right? Mordor sounds like a good thing to paint on your nails… Heh!?!

Yeah, this person has some truly amazing skills, whoever it is that put this nail polish on these nails that is. It’s continuous landscape artwork from the Lord of The Rings arch enemy Mordor. I am sure that if you were ever to duplicate these, you would be the only person on that side of the hemisphere with this badass design and the bragging rights would be immediately effective, if you ask me. Just wow, I am amazed not only by the small scale of it, but the artwork of it as well. I am extremely impressed right now. This nail polish artwork was created by Undomiele.

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Mordor Nail Plish Artwork Design

Via: [Neatorama]