Most Expensive Cupcake!? FTW

I love cupcakes, they are not just yummy to eat but also a great way to show off your creative talent.  What do I mean?  Example you plan to have a birthday party and you want your guest to have a bit of fun.  Try hosting a cupcake decoration party to make it unique.  Make batches without icing on them and then have different plastic bags with different colored icing inside them.  You and your guest will have loads of fun!

But I bet if you give the celebrant a diamond encrusted cupcake, she would definitely  go Ga-Ga! Yes, did you guys know that  the most expensive cupcakes in the world, however, were created by Mervis Diamond Importers. These classy cupcakes weren’t just well-decorated—they were well-decorated with diamonds. Made to usher in the 2009 wedding season, each cupcake included a single, 2-carat asscher cut diamond surrounded by eight brilliant cut diamonds. These extravagant cupcakes were valued at just over $30,000.  I wouldn’t mind getting one for my birthday!

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Main Image from uncgold