Nano Art – Insane Pencil Tip Carvings

Art is something that most people can appreciate if the art itself is presented in the right forum. As with everything, there is a kind of art that is rather narrow and is appreciated by a few, however increasingly fanatic, art collectors and experts. It is the kind of art that speaks to the masses just because it’s insanely executed or is speaking to people from a different direction than that particular art usually comes from.

Everyone that thinks they have a mammoth amount of patience can just lower their hand and start the jaw breaking pose of wonderment because I can assure you, almost promise you, that you don’t possess the same kind of patience that Mr. Dalton Ghetti has. His definition of patience is far from everyone else’s and it speaks heavily through his way of creating art, from the tip of his pencils.

Now you might think that Mr. Ghetti draws or paints, but that is where you’re wrong. For once I am not speaking in rhyme or limerick. Mr. Ghetti is actually creating art from the tip of pencils. He is carefully carving out different objects from the graphite inside the wooden pencil. The objects are so detailed that when you first see them, you start wondering if the pencil is actually a huge graphite pencil that he’s custom made in order to create his art, but no. It’s original pencils that he’s meticulously carved to form objects like a boot, a saw, chains and the alphabet just to mention a few things.

Working as a designer takes a lot of patience, and if I were ever to compare my patience with Mr. Ghetti’s, I would end up miles behind him. Somewhat like a Formula One car against a pony if you will. I am sure, in some way, Mr. Ghetti has been blessed by the hand of God himself with his patience and it’s beyond amazement I feel when I look at his sculptures and I am sure you will share the same opinion…