Next Generation Traffic Lights Could Get Twisted

If you think that we’ll see the boring traffic lights that sport the streets today for eternity, you probably need to reconsider. There is a kind of race going on now to find the next suitable design that will keep our streets safe from cars hitting pedestrians and cars hitting cars… you get the idea. We have covered a couple of the new concept designs that have been up for consideration around the world. However, there is still time to come up with something even more twisted and futuristic. When it comes to designing something for the public areas, it becomes quite a challenge as you will have to incorporate wear, tear and also energy consumption which pretty much every government is trying to cut down on.

And twisted is exactly what the idea from designer Kisung Lee is. It is called the Mobius Strip Light, and it is a wonderful and beautiful twist of a traffic light, street light and pedestrian light all bundle up into one single twisted strip. The lights themselves are of course LED, and when night falls, the Strip Light becomes a testament to genuine future thinking.

If I had to choose, I would definitely go for this one. Not only does it incorporate pretty much everything you need for safer traffic for both vehicles and pedestrians, but it also groups the visual expectations of a promising and secure future. I would much rather rest my eyes on these than the iron poles we have today that are expressing nothing other than a dull, boring and ultimately ugly ray of expensive lighting.