Nissbaru & Toyazda: Clever Road Safety Advertisement

I have always wondered how police officers, fire fighters and ambulance personnel manage to do their jobs each and every day. It must be one of the hardest professions to detach and come home from. I mean, just hearing the stories these people tell is really sad, and it must be truly traumatic to go through some of those experiences. What’s most common between these modern heroes is that they all say it is worse when there are children involved. I don’t anyone who can argue with that, and there should certainly be some kind of reward for serving human kind like they do.

The worst types of calls they respond to they say are the car accidents. They are never easy, and they always seem to be worse than anyone could ever expect. Not only are they horrifying to respond to, but many of them could have been avoided if it wasn’t for careless driving, alcohol and stupidity. The fact that someone has to give his or her life for someone else’s lack of judgment is sad, and the whole thing seems utterly pointless. I get mad from even thinking about it.

There have been many different road safety campaigns throughout the years, and some are more in your face than others. They all try to do the same thing, lower the number of accidents. However, what can you possibly do in an ad campaign that will make the public look at it these days? I mean, there are so many television shows that are way more gory than an ad campaign could ever be, so the ad agencies have to really do their best to catch our attention. Ogilvy, in New Zealand, put together some REALLY clever road safety posters that totally caught my attention (and apparently yours as well). If we could just get more clever people like this to do the advertising when it comes to saving lives, maybe the world would be a little safer… Or would it?

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Road Safety Ad Campaign Design

Road Safety Ad Campaign Design

Road Safety Ad Campaign Design