Now You Can Hang Your Stuff On Your “Sniffy”

Keys, earrings, necklaces, tea bags, you name it, we have all struggled to keep track of our stuff when we aren’t using use them. The tea bag strip usually falls into the cup whenever you pour water into it or sometimes even when you’re just drinking the tea. I myself am a victim to this ultimately irritating event almost each and every time I drink tea… and I drink a LOT of tea. But those days seem to be over now thanks to the clever and straight forward designer Soon Mo Kang.

The design is a cute little “Sniffy” dog that will keep your stuff in place whenever you don’t need it or just need to hang it anywhere. What’s unique about this little doggy is that it’s applicable pretty much everywhere where there is an edge to hang it from. If it be the edge of your tea cup, a book or just a book stand. Anywhere where there is an edge thin enough for the puppy to hang his paws.

It isn’t hard to see where this is going and that there will be loads of different animals in this series. Maybe even gadgets and other cool things miniaturized. It feels as it could follow the trend of many USB Flash memory sticks where they are now available in thousands upon thousands of different objects. I am even sure this little gadget will come out as a USB Flash Memory itself and serve two purposes for the price of one. That would be a really nice edge to it.

The concept is called “Hanger Dog” and there is no word on when this little cute puppy will be available for purchase. A sure bet is that it will first be available in Korea. And I guess a lot of you reading this are quite interested in getting a couple, maybe even to give away to your friends and loved ones.