USB Lamp For Artists: Let Your Sketchbook Light The Way

As we all try to ease our footprint on the environment, we search for alternative technology that leaves less of an impact on the earth yet a desirable one on us. But eco-friendly lamps that are uniquely designed can be hard to find. Proper lighting is always a necessity when working at a computer. It helps prevent the strain on our eyes. But overhead lights often provide too much lighting, and the costs of having them on for the amount of time we spend on a computer is often times not worth it. Many of us opt for a computer or desk lamp, and honestly, many of the ones available don’t fit the décor or style of our personalities or rooms. However, this one caught my eye. We could really add some character to our workspace with this Page by Page USB Lamp.

This USB lamp is designed to look like a sketchbook that provides you with a three dimensional poster during the day. At night, it turns into a useful lamp, and when you flip the book, it uncovers various graphic designs for you to display. This USB lamp comes with two shades (red and white) that you can choose to insert into each page to give it a 3D effect. This 2-in-1 USB lamp also allows you to express your crafty side by dedicating five pages at the end of the book for you to design your own look to the lamp.

Not only is this lamp eco-friendly, it’s cost effective too. It uses only a small amount of power by using 5V LEDs, and it’s powered by the USB hub on your computer or a USB adapter. All you have to do is push the button on the lamp, which sticks out of the page, and the light will turn on. It is also easy to tuck away since the book closes, which is great when you need extra room in your workspace. The Page by Page Flip Sketchbook Styled USB Lamp acts much like a superhero, since by day it is a poster, but at night it transforms and lights up your way.

Page by Page: A Creative & Stylish USB Lamp



Image Credits: [feedfloyd] [Design You Trust]