Paintings: The Caricature Side Of Hollywood Stars!

I have seen so many caricatures since starting Bit Rebels back in June, 2009. Some are purely done on paper while others were completely sketched out on an iPad or iPhone. You can’t mistake talent when you see stuff like this, especially when you find out it was all done by hand. I mean, we’re always looking for perfection, and today when the media wheel is turning so fast, we all get more picky about what impresses us.

However, if you’re not impressed by painter and caricature master Sebastian Krüger then I think you should get a pair of glasses. His imagination and sense of detail is mind boggling when it comes to his Hollywood stars semi-caricature paintings. You will notice the perfection instantly. Who wouldn’t want to hang one of these on their wall at home? They would be widely legendary.

If you are a painter, sketcher or doodler, you will definitely enjoy checking out his website because you will never again find a website with that much inspiration. It’s literally schmaggedy packed with sketches, paintings and step-by-step walk throughs. Just going there will probably teach you a thing or two, instantly. After having watched his work now for over 30 minutes, I am still stunned in awe by it all. Supreme doesn’t even cover it, so I better just stay quiet…