Photoshop | Manga Yourself – Awesome Tutorial

After my previous post here on Bit Rebels about “Everything Manga”. A bunch of Photoshop tutorials I decided to delve deeper into the Manga world to see what I could find. I stumbled over this really cool and hilarious tutorial on how to Manga yourself. Really, it’s a super cool way of making yourself look like a Manga character and that only in a few steps of Photoshop magic.

If you put a bit of time into your own character I am sure you will end up with a REALLY cool result. Maybe we should have a competition here at Bit Rebels to see who could do the coolest Manga character out of their avatar. That would seriously be a really funny competition. Don’t you agree?

Now, check this tutorial out and go and have some fun. Make one of your boss and send it through an anonymous email account and he’ll probably laugh his butt off. Why the anonymous email account? Well, in case your boss doesn’t have any humor at all i’s probably for the best. Enjoy!