Photoshop | Smooth Skin and Focus Sharpening

Looking at those magazine photos always makes me wonder how they actually get ALL of those model’s skin look so smooth and silky clean. Of course it’s some magic applied to those photos before they are added as photos in a magazine. But how do they do it? Is it makeup, is it some filter they are using for their camera lens or what is it? Well, for starters these guys use cameras up in the $10,000 category if not more so don’t go and think you will magically get your photos looking exactly like theirs. They also spend thousands of dollars on retouching their photos before they are sent off to the ad agency or whatever they are to be used for.

However, there are some trick you can use in order to enhance even pictures taken with any $200 camera if you just have some patience. I recently stumbled over a Photoshop tutorial that does just that. It explains some of the steps to make your photos look really smooth and also explains areas that are focused sharpened.

So, if you want to get close to those magazine photos then just check this tutorial out. I am sure you will find it really useful. Also, it helps to have an “A” / “B” comparison set up so you can get as close as possible to the effect you just saw in that favorite magazine you’re now trying to imitate. Enjoy!