Photoshop | Tilt Shift Effect

Do you have a dream of becoming a giant in your own world? Do you want to feel like your surroundings is build around you as a miniature world? Well, i can’t help you there if you expect it to be in real time. However, there is a technique called “Tilt Shift” that will make your dreams come true. If you have a picture that you want to make into a miniature image looking like it was a model built to depict the real surroundings of where you are located then this tutorial is just in line with what you are trying to achieve.

The “Tilt Shift” effect is just really build up with focused and unfocused areas that are positioned just right. The final effect is then that the photo is fooling your brain into thinking everything on that image is small and miniature in size. Almost like a small model landscape if you will.

You can really take any photo that you would like and add this effect to it but there are of course better and worse photos to use that will either enhance the look or just sort of touch what you are trying to achieve. So, picking a photo with a lot of potential is essential if you want to really fool the viewer the photo you’ve just worked on is a miniature.

o, take a look at this tutorial and make sure to practise. In the end I am sure you will achieve great results and please, if you get a good result share it with us. We’re always eager to check out what you guys are doing with the tutorials we put up here. Enjoy!