Photoshop | Unknown Image Sharpen Technique

There are times when you want to sharpen your images just a little bit in order to really bring out those details in for example the eyes, lips or hair to make the image extra crisp. Usually we use the “Sharpen” filter tool to achieve this. Sometimes over and over again in order to really get that professional look and feel. But, the “Sharpen” filter is sometimes ultimately inferior when it comes to controlling the parameters of the actual sharpening amount of the picture as well as where on the image the sharpening should occur.

Here’s where the unknown sharpening technique comes in. Well, it’s not exactly unknown…but I would bet most people don’t know they could use it in this particular situation consider it’s cryptic filter name and all. I must confess that I didn’t know this technique until I watched this video today even though I have used the filter a couple of times to achieve a smoother surface skin etc.

It’s a truly powerful and simple way of controlling every aspect and position of the sharpening itself and it’s done in just a few minutes. It all comes down to how much detail you want in the picture and where you put it. Of course getting that really nice professional result is going to take just a tad longer to create but I am not talking about hours here. Just in the 10-20 minutes area. So, just watch this clip and make sure to practise. It will unleash a great retouching power for your, infinitely blurry images. Enjoy!