Pixar Movie Characters To Grace Postage Stamps In 2011!

If I really have to, I must admit that I don’t send very many postcards or letters anymore. It seems email does exactly what I want it to do, and as a result, my physical textural expression is suffering badly from it. I am truly ashamed by it. It’s truly a greater feeling to receive a real written letter instead of some typed electronic digitalized note from a close friend or loved one. I mean, sure, you have a way of storing it, but a physical thing you can cherish is a whole different thing. Don’t you agree? The thing is, I think postage stamps are quite boring and usually portray a train, tree or some other worldly item that you don’t even spend two seconds looking at.

But for younger geeks, that is all about to change in 2011. Pixar, the company founded by the man of the year, Steve Jobs, has gotten some of their movie characters to grace a series of stamps in 2011. You’ll be able to get a pack of 20 with motifs of Buzz Lightyear, WALL:E, Lightning McQueen, Remy the rat and Linguini, along with Carl Fredricksen.

So if you’re sending a geeky card out to someone that is equivalently geeky, I suggest you slip into those sneakers of yours, take the TRON Skatecycle and head down the street to your local post office in 2011 and get yourself a package of these. Just make sure you save some since they will probably go up the price chain in the near future.

Via: [USPS]