Rainbow Colored Friendship, Vomit and Tears

I’m strangely drawn to these illustrations. It’s probably because I have a lot of experience with puking and crying. These illustrations below look like a twisted teenage girl slumber party complete with friends having fun popping rainbow colored zits, crying colorful tears and even puking up the most beautiful vomit you’ve ever seen.

I really like the psychedelic looking contrast between the black and white and the bright colors. It adds an interesting element to these illustrations, which make them even more intriguing and bizarre.

The artist, Alexandra Lekias, draws her inspiration from her own memories and dreams from when she was young. Some critics claim that these are clues that tell the story of her own dysfunctional childhood. To those critics I say… get off her back, after all, who hasn’t had a dysfunctional childhood in one way or another? We all have our own sorted memories to work out in our minds as we get older. If Alexandra chooses to do it through her artwork, more power to her.

Each one of these illustrations takes her about 400 hours to complete. Like many artists and designers, she is a perfectionist. If she makes one mistake, she starts over. We can all remember the first time we drank too much and puked, or choked down our first cigarette or got very close to another person. These illustrations bring all that back to the surface, and it’s such a feeling of uncomfortable nostalgia. The hollowed out eyes are the icing on the cake. I love these!

[via Trendland]