Recycled Wildlife: Mechanical Nature Is Here

So you’re looking out onto your garden. There’s a rabbit jumping aimlessly around looking for something to eat underneath the snow. You keep staring at it because it’s not very often you get to watch these animals so closely without interrupting their everyday life. It’s a treat, and it becomes a memory that will last throughout the day. It’s a happy moment that you wish you could snap a photo of, but you are too scared to catch the rabbit’s attention making it run away and hide. Well, that could be a day in your life, but I know it probably won’t be.

Enter the world of Davide Pan, and you will find that there is another side to nature, a more mechanical one. The creations Mr. Pan (born in Italy now living in Vancouver, Canada) put together using only scrap metal and his brilliant mind are nothing less than mind boggling. Seen from a great distance, you would be sure that they are real, frozen in time, animals just standing motionless for a very long time.

Through time his creations have rusted and become more timeless pieces of one man’s imagination. His most remarkable work is located at Big Sky Golf & Country Club (Pemberton, BC) where he used local scrap metal to create huge, static wildlife creatures that have become landmarks for the area. His work spans from small mechanical birds to huge, almost flame throwing, dragons. Open your mind and see the really stunning work that is sure to inspire you.