Retro Record Cover Art – Visual Inspiration

I remember having a couple record albums when I was very young, but for the most part, it is the generation behind me that will remember the creativity and artwork of those beautiful big album covers.

Now they’ve become collector’s items and can be found mostly in hobby shops and specialty stores. I was happy when I found this artwork below because it brings back those memories and nostalgic feelings from the old days, back when people would look forward to seeing what an artist did with his album cover. However, this artwork adds a new and more current twist.

Christian Marclay, a New York visual artist most known for his music, created a group of work called “Imaginary Records” where he used the actual record covers as a medium. As you will see, he’s had some fun mixing them up and putting them back together, like a puzzle, in an unexpected way. This is a very nice way to give us a fresh perspective!

Thank you for the pics and the info!