Revenge: Illustrated with Gummy Bears

Revenge. It’s one of those nasty little emotions that brings us a lot of pain and suffering. Is it just me or does it seem like more and more people these days look for ways to “get people back?” Sure, people deny it since nobody wants to be known as revengeful, but the facts remain the same.

We all know that forgiveness is a much more peaceful emotion which brings harmony to the world; however, in the heat of the moment, I know from experience it can be hard to find that place of forgiveness.

The truth is, when we stay in a state of feeling like we need to get revenge, we hold ourselves back and can’t move forward in our lives. In effect, we end up punishing ourselves when our goal was to punish someone else. It’s the mother of all double-edged swords. London artist Samuel Mensah-Bonsu understands this all too well, and he’s managed to illustrate it with gummy bears. When I look at these photographs, I get so deliciously sad. I really like his interpretation. Of course it helps that I’m a gummy bear fanatic. You can purchase a print of this illustration here. Props Samuel!

His ultimate message that “revenge isn’t so sweet after all” is depicted
in the story of this green gummy bear.

[Via: deviant art] [Main Image Credit: Instructables]