Sesame Street: You’ve Never Seen Bert & Ernie Like This!

Sesame Street was such a huge part of my life when I was in elementary school. It’s hard to believe that show started in 1969, and it’s still broadcasting today. In 2009, on the show’s 40th anniversary, it was the number 15th highest rated children’s show in the States.

According to Wikipedia, 95% of all American preschoolers watch Sesame Street by the time they turn three-years-old. I know I was watching it by the time I was that age. I can actually remember being scared to death of Oscar the Grouch when I was about four-years-old. I jumped each time I saw him pop out of that garbage can.

As you know, Bert and Ernie are staples on Sesame Street. I’ve always thought they had such a cool friendship. Of course, people often times joke that they are gay. I just realized today that over the course of the past year, Popped Culture has periodically posted some very interesting and intriguing Bert and Ernie pictures. I’ve gone through their blog and collected several of them to share with you. Wow, talk about the innocence of Sesame Street being gone…

Sesame Street Fight Club

Pulp Sesame

Fear and Loathing on Sesame Street

Sesame Street Fighter II

Bert and Ernie and Picasso

You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Bert