Skyfire: Content And Flash Browser For Your iPad And iPhone!

The Safari browser on the iPad and iPhone has a great number of features that enable you to quickly browse content on the Internet, but the lack of the notorious Flash feature is driving people nuts. The ability to watch Flash movies when browsing the Internet is increasing, yet Apple sticks to their decision to not including it in their browser. Some of you might remember the huge pie fight about a year ago when Adobe said Apple was trying to destroy them for various reasons while Apple said that Flash was old and slow and thus not fit for their speedy browser. There have been plenty of hacks to enable Flash on the iPhone and the iPad, but few have served the general public since they require you to jailbreak your gadget which will void its warranty.

However, there is now a way for you to get Flash on your iPad and iPhone without your having to go through the jailbreaking process. The new and ultimately neat browser Skyfire is fresh looking browser that will not only enable you to watch Flash movies on your Apple device, it will also let you keep up with your social networking a LOT easier and faster. The structure surrounding it is built around the use of Twitter, Facebook and finding great content.

You will find the app in the AppStore, and it costs $2.99 for the iPhone and $4.99 for the iPad. The Skyfire browser is also available for Android, Rocket and Windows Mobile phones. So, don’t confine yourself to the limits of Apple anymore, get the Skyfire browser and become one with the Internet, just like you are supposed to be.