So Analog: See Retro Media Storage Come Alive As Toys!

For the first time in a long time, again, I am completely inspired through every atom of my being. The reason for this is none other than the retro cool of old storage media. Now you might think that I have finally cracked, but stay with me for a second. We all know that the cassette, cartridge and the floppy disk bring back so many memories of cool times, whether you were a hacker, cracker or just a normal gamer. Either way, you always remember the storage media you used to save your stuff or load your game. It was how we got around so to speak. Without them, there would be no computer revolution to talk about.

I am truly thrilled to be able to show you the process of the creation of analog toys developed and designed by the Californian Squid Kids. It’s incredibly interesting to see what has to be done and how things look in different stages of the process, not to mention the awesome look these analog toys have when fully textured, colored and alive.

I would love to see some short movies created with these characters in the leading roles. It would bring the joy back to storage media since it all has gone somewhat internal nowadays. Everything we use today is either inside the computer, on the Internet or encapsulated in a shell. You no longer see the coolness of the media itself, and that’s kind of boring. I know the cartridge was encapsulated as well, but it had a meaning. Every time I bought a new game for my Nintendo NES it was pure magic to take it our of the box for the first time. Magic! – I strongly suggest you check out their awesome website for more genius projects. You’ll be inspired up over your ears! Click Images For Better Resolution