Space Invaders Calendar: Mark Each Day By Killing Aliens

So, at the beginning of each year, you have 365 days to look forward to. Maybe you dread them, and maybe even try to avoid them by sleeping it out. Either way, you still have 365 days to spend, and it’s up to you to choose how you want to invest them. Look at it as the building of an age ring on a tree. Each ring consists of micro layers telling you what kind of weather, water supply and even if there were any pollutions in the soil or air during the year. It’s all registered, and that’s exactly how your life is as well. Instead of age rings, you get memories and experiences.

If you need to get your aggression out during the upcoming year, I suggest you kill aliens. To be more specific, kill the space invaders. The new 2011 Space Invaders Calendar is that perfect shooting range for you. Each day you get to zap one off the army until you have saved the earth from their evil intentions.

For the geeky price of $19, you will get 365 different space invaders that you can take out with your sharpie. It’s made available by SeeChangeDesign on Etsy. Your office ain’t no geek office without this calendar, that’s for sure. The only thing you have to decide is what message each blastoff will have. Will it be positive or negative? The days are yours. They won’t stay around forever you know. You make up the rules for them. Make today the best today.