Spare Wood Becomes Stunningly Cute Wooden Robots

Recycling can be done in so many ways, and it’s important to know that as little as it may seem that you are doing by recycling, overall it makes a big difference. The ideas you can get from reusing something old to create something new could possibly lead to a whole new income source. It’s not really that hard to start out recycling old stuff and make it into new functioning things to grace your life. All you have to do is to find the “throw-away’s” potential and then run with it. Sometimes the ideas can come from the most odd situations and places.

That is exactly what happened to MaoMarjolaine Poulin one day when she was looking at the leftover wood her boyfriend stacked around after his house construction project in El Salvador was finished. To him, it was all just a pile of wood that he didn’t know what do to with, but to her, the pile had a whole different meaning.

She saw a leg, an arm and a head in that pile and quickly started to assemble what would become the cutest ever Wooden Robots. They have now become iconic art pieces, and she continues to create things that have a whole different meaning then first intended. You have to admit that rockin’ one of those on your book shelf would be kind of neat, not to mention all the different kinds of wood and the fact that they have come all the way from El Salvador. Cute is just an understatement. You can buy these badboys for $15-$20 a pop, and I strongly suggest you check out her website for more information.